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ownCloud 8 and Tasks

As of March 7, 2015, ownCloud 8 does not ship with the Tasks app. The developer is working to make it ship with ownCloud 8 by default, but in the mean time, you can easily enable it yourself. Just follow … Continue reading

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Google to Owncloud, Contacts and Calendar

When you have OwnCloud managing your files, you might also want it to start managing your contacts and calendar. When I set it up, I was not sure how well the syncing would be but it ended up being efficient … Continue reading

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Owncloud complaining that “You don’t have permissions to upload files here”

There are few likely reasons for this to happen because I have actually seen this issue a few times in differ situations. It is frustrating because OwnCloud might have had the permissions previously or it has access to the files … Continue reading

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Owncloud and an external hard drive

Rather, we are going to create a mount point and not a symbolic link. Continue reading

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OwnCloud, 403 Forbidden, and Shared Folder

403 Forbidden. That is a webserver’s way of telling someone does not have permission to a file or folder they are trying accessing. When I saw this in an OwnCloud desktop sync client, I was confused because the user should … Continue reading

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OwnCloud and Raspberry Pi Model B

I bought a Raspberry Pi Model B ( so I could have fun playing with it. My main play item was OwnCloud ( because I wanted to have an online backup of my files under my control. Uploading files to … Continue reading

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