Website for tracking your TV shows

I found a great website that I want to share with those that watch TV but sometimes forgot what episodes they have seen. For example, you are starting to watch a show after a long break or you want to make sure you caught all the episodes of last season. Maybe you switch between different streaming services and the real TV or you just forget things. Some people may use Wikipedia because it has good series guides but this is a manual process and not straight-forward. I suggest to use for all of your TV watching tracking, “The Original Calendar TV Listings Guide”.

In your profile you can select TV shows that you have watched. You can quickly check off marked seasons and then check of the episodes you have watched. They generated stats of how many shows you have seen, which make you want to watch less TV. The calendar view on the front page makes marking off recently aired shows easier while navigating to a TV shows you all the shows you have seen (with descriptions) and which one is next.

I have lived by this site because it lets me switch between TV shows without having to re-watch parts of episodes or read episode plots/spoilers to determine where I am. I highly recommend checking this site out.

Bonus 1: This website also produces a Google Calendar TV episode guide so you can see when you TV shows are coming up.

Bonus 2: You can discover other shows to watch and other premieres coming up.

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