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When I tasted chai, wow, my life was changed. I have been adapting my chai recipe as I have learned from “chai experts” and experimented myself. The primary credits go to my mother-in-law Manju Agrawal. Chai is very customized for … Continue reading

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Case positions for Overhead CodeDodger wireless keypad

When trying to set up a new Overhead CodeDodger wireless keypad (with buttons for “SET” and “PRGM”), it is very important to understand what the instructions mean by an “open” case. This is best seen at night when the buttons … Continue reading

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A Cruise Vacation’s not obvious and not needed essentials

These are all of the things I wanted when I was on my last cruise. You can decide what will help you on your next cruise. Offline Data Offline map of your ports will be helpful when you are walking … Continue reading

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Following Sport Playoffs

It is really easy to follow NCAA March Madness but if trying to follow the playoffs of another sport like the NHL or NBA is difficult. The major websites like ESPN, SI, CBS Sports, or even and tend … Continue reading

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NFL 2014 Playoff Scenarios

Sport websites love to show all the possible scenarios a football team can have going into the playoffs but nobody really cares about the TIE situations. Ties sometimes happen during the season but rarely at the end of a season. … Continue reading

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Bitcoin ASIC Miner on Linux

Getting an ASCI Bitcoin Miner to run on Windows is straight forward but getting the correct drivers and terminal commands down to run it is actually more difficult than one would think. So, I would suggest sticking to Windows but … Continue reading

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First day in Bitcoins

Bitcoin started in 2009 and have become more popular and valuable as the years progress. If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, I suggest visiting Wikipedia’s article on Bitcoin or Bitcoin’s homepage and then exploring YouTube for some more information. … Continue reading

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