Hinglish Jokes

Simran asked her father, “Where is it hurting?” He replied, “jaw Simran, jaw”
Source = Amazon Alexa

Q: Why can teachers not afford tree houses?
A: Because they are under ped.
Hint: underpaid and ped=tree
Source = Filter Copy on YouTube

I walked into an Indian food store. As the shopkeeper was showing me around, he pointed out what they sold. “First thing, sundar naan. Agli cheez, ugly cheese.”
Source = me

Q: What is Adele’s favorite Indian dish?
A: aloo from the other saag
Source = Amazon Alexa

Q: What did one string instrument say to the other string instrument when it was time to go?
A: Cello
Source = me

Q: What do you get when you call letter G to go away?
A: Jijaji
Source = Which way

Q: What do you call a landscaped corn field with randomly placed tables, meant to make navigation confusing?
A: maize mez maze
Hint: mez = table
Source = me

Q: One day in a brutal battle for Gotham city, Batman dies at the hands of the Joker. Afterwards, his body disintegrates and only boron nitride crystals remain. Why?
A: Because Batman’s soul departed his body.
Hint: atma=soul. Batman – atma = BN (Boron Nitride)
Source = Which way

Q: What do you call a wintery drink that is also the queen of the north!
A: Brandi
Hint: Game of thrones. Di = sister. Sansa = Bran’s sister
Source = Which way

Q: Why did the desi banana want to make friends?
A: Because he was a kela.
Hint: banana = kela. Lonely = akela.
Source = ?

Q: Where do idlis go drinking?
A: At the sam-bhar
Source = Ishan

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