Rooting the LG G3

Since CyanogenMod is not ready yet for the LG G3, most users will be stuck with the stock OS for some time until CyanogenMod is ready. Until then, a good way to get by is to root one’s phone so you can really control it. There are multiple ways described by #4 in the Sources, but Stump Root has really won the Root competition so far. It does not require a computer, just an apk you can download from the XDA-Developers forum post (Source #1). Some of my experiences with Stump Root v1.2:

The application requires a lot of permissions. Since I was uninstalling the apk after installation, I did not investigate. The application is giving you root access so I assumed it would need all of the permissions.

When I downloaded the apk and allowed Google to check the apk, Google gave me a warning that the application would touch low level pieces of the software, but that is what you want. I suggest not letting Google check out your applications next time.

My phone’s Software Build number KVT49L.D85110m had not been supported yet. The very similar KVT49L.D85110c and T-Mobile LG G3 release firmware were though so I was confident this would work. After pressing Grind, my Build version was not found (expected), but the correct location for app to work with was found in about 10 seconds.

I suggest visiting Source #1 for instructions or #2 or #3 since they will be updated more frequently than this post. I do suggest downloading a root checker before installing SuperSu just to make sure Stump Root worked.


  1. XDA-Developers 
  2. Android Police Description of Stump Root
  3. Droid View Description of Stump Root
  4. Droid View Explanation of Multiple Rooting Procedures
  5. CyanogenMod Download Page – You can check for LG G3 downloads here.
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