NFL 2014 Playoff Scenarios

Sport websites love to show all the possible scenarios a football team can have going into the playoffs but nobody really cares about the TIE situations. Ties sometimes happen during the season but rarely at the end of a season. So let’s not root for a tie since that is just absurd. Here are the 2014 NFL Playoffs Scenarios with the TIE situations eliminated, thanks for CBS Sports for doing most of the work.



Denver Broncos

First-Round Bye

  1. DEN win
  2. CIN loss

Cincinnati Bengals

First-Round Bye

  1. CIN win + DEN loss

AFC North

  1. CIN Win

Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC North

  1. PIT win

San Diego Chargers

Wild-card spot:

  1. SD win

Baltimore Ravens

Wild-card spot:

  1. BAL win + SD loss

Kansas City Chiefs

Wild-card spot:

  1. KC win + BAL loss + HOU loss

Houston Texans

Wild-card spot:

  1. HOU win + BAL loss + SD loss


Dallas Cowboys

First Round Bye

  1. SEA loss + ARI loss

Detriot Lions

Home-Field Advantage

  1. DET win + SEA loss + ARI loss

First-Round Bye (and NFC North)

  1. DET win

Green Bay Packers

Home-Field Advantage

  1. GB win + SEA loss

First-Round Bye (and NFC North)

  1. GB Win

Seattle Seahawks

Home-Field Advantage

    SEA win

NFC West

  1. SEA win
  2. ARI loss

Arizona Cardinals

Home-Field Advantage

  1. ARI win + SEA loss + GB loss

First-Round Bye (and NFC West)

  1. ARI win + SEA loss

Carolina Panthers

NFC South

  1. ATL win

Atlanta Falcons

NFC South

  1. ATL win
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