Audio Jack Crisis

Not many can say that the tip of their headphone’s audio jack has broken off from the body/sleeve of the audio jack and is deeply lodged into their iPad. However those that can could relate with the panic and fright that I felt when that happened to me. Laugh while you can but this problem has occurred to many other headphone users. The solution (which I learned from browsing many Apple Forums) is to fill the cavity where the tip had broken with a drop of super glue and plug the audio jack back into the iPad.  After ten seconds (conduct a countdown for dramatic effect), pull out the audio jack and the tip should come out with the jack. There hasn’t been any damage to the iPad and it works just fine with any pair of headphones. This solution should be compatible with most devices. If you still want to use the broken headphones, consider buying an audio jack extender. Links to the Apple Forum and audio jack extender are below.


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