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Block distracting websites with DNS66

DNS66 creates a VPN that will block any website on the blacklist. Continue reading

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NAT Loopback on Xfinity

The current Xfinity routers (end of 2017) do not support NAT Loopback and have no options for enabling NAT Loopback. What is NAT Loopack? NAT Loopback or Hairpinning is when Device_A behind a router tries to access another Device_B behind … Continue reading

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Moving OwnCloud to a new home

OwnCloud lives where you live. So when you move, OwnCloud is coming with you. Here are suggestions for your move. Back up your data.¬†No brainer because you already back it up! Disconnect as late as possible. Your server will be … Continue reading

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Domain Name for your Home Computer

There is a better solution than remembering your home IP address when you need to log into your home server. (I suggest OwnCloud). A long string of numbers is forgettable¬†and changeable! You do not want to hard code your server … Continue reading

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