By exploring the many features that Emacs has to offer, I found that of the games that for some reason come standard with it was a game called Adventure. The game is actually good for what I expected a text based game would be. This was actually my first text based game and likely my last since GUIs are my preferred gaming interface.

The instructions that are given are minimal so you are tasked with following the basic instructions while typing in commands to see if the game will recognize them. Guessing these commands are not hard because they are rather common place. You end up walking through a world described to you through descriptive paragraphs. East, Northwest, South, etc. are directions you can go and depending on the tools you have, you can dig or even log into a computer. You can get a shovel by saying take shovel, etc. I have not beaten the game so I will say it is hard to beat but easy to die:

I have lost the game by typing things like die or telling the character to fight bear. Be careful since dying seems like it is the easy thing to do. I highly suggest taking a shot at this game, it is really fun.


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  1. Ron Schnell says:

    I’m glad you like it,

    @RonnieSchnell (author of Dunnet)

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