CyanogenMod Updates for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3

My T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 phone did not automatically receive an update in quite some time. I looked on the dt2mo Wiki page and found that dt2mo had merged with other Galaxy S3 streams into the dtIte stream. I checked the dt2mo releases page and noticed that its development had stopped back in Feb 2014 so I was running with some relatively “old” software. The newer dtIte stream has very recent builds so I knew I was getting close.

I was still nervous though because my phone should have automatically updated itself. Searching the web to ensure that dtIte would replace dt2mo was not successful so I took a slight risk and proceeded. I first tried the super easy CyanogenMod installer from CM’s website but found out that during the installation the installer recognized my phone as a dt2mo and installed that software, which I already had. Since I had my recovery step up, I correctly installed the newest dtIte software by downloading the latest snapshot from the dtIte stream, copying to my phone’s internal storage, and executing it from recovery. Interestingly, the phone was updated rather than factory reset, so that was nice.

In conclusion, dtIte is the continuous of dt2mo and successfully installed onto my phone.

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