Consolidating your weight information

I have used a few different weight and calorie tracking apps over the years. Specifically, I have used MyFitnessPal, LoseIt, and Noom. As I have moved between these apps, seeing your weight across them is difficult and not supported directly. Also, the graphs are different. Here is advice to get your data in one place.

If you want to control your data, you will need to do it yourself inside a spreadsheet. An alternative is using another weight tracking app but then you have another weight tracking app that you will need to keep updating. If you use a spreadsheet, you can do bulk updates and then do really whatever you want with your data.

All the apps will allow you to export your data in some fashion. I attached the original sources below.

  • LoseIt will give you a nice csv file you can use for each date you weighed in.
  • MyFitnessPal does not support exporting out of the box so the tool below will give you a JSON file. You will need to separate each {…} into its own line. Then import into a spreadsheet and format. Then delete dates that you did not weigh in. Spot these dates because they are duplicates of the previous date’s weight. Lastly, add the year for each date.
  • Noom supports emailing your data under Settings>Export/Email Noom Data. It will be in a .csv file.

Slowly but surely you will move all of this data into one place. I suggest having a column to label the source of the date/weight pair because you might have questions in the future. You could go further and try to obtain your doctor records since birth so get an even cooler graph!

When you make your graph, look into implementing a moving average. This will help your graph have a smoother feel and it will eliminate bumpy graphs that can be discouraging if you weigh yourself daily.

If you put your data into Google Sheets, you will be able to have a really neat graph of your weight, similar to the graphs on Google Finance.


  • LoseIt Export –
  • MyFitnessPal Export –
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