Hacker Vision – Chrome Extension

For those that do not like to look at black text on a white background, there is an extension for you. For those that can stand the eye strain, read no further.

In Google Chrome you can download the Hacker Vision extension. It will run on every website and it does an inversion color scheme everywhere. Websites become much easier to read and your eyes are no longer stressed. It is not only white to black though, all the colors on the site change making sites look surprisingly refreshing.

The extension has the ability to be toggled off and on or disabled for a website the next time you visit. The second setting seems to sync across Google Chromes but I am not totally sure.

I have found that some websites will actually look a lot cooler. Websites like Google Voice and Google Calendar that have not had GUI updates in a white turn from ugly white to a sexy black.

(Edit 1/10) Two issues though are that images are sometimes hacker-fied and embedded YouTube videos will be contrasted when they are in full screen. This is fixed by opening the video on YouTube.

On a similar note, if you have not switched your searching to DuckDuckGo, they have a theme for their page that you can set that is white on black. I recommend using that and disabling Hacker Vision for DuckDuckGo.

Download Hacker Vision here – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hacker-vision/fommidcneendjonelhhhkmoekeicedej

P.S. – Does anyone know of a similar add-on for Firefox?

P.S.S. – Does anyone remember in Microsoft Word 2003 the option to have a white text on blue background option? It was discontinued and not in Word 2007. You can do a High Contrast theme in Windows 7 though and get the desired contrast in Word.

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