Synergy – sharing your keyboard, mouse, and clipboard across computers

Having two computers at your desk does not mean two keyboards and two mouses. The software called Synergy hosted over on their webite can help you share your keyboard, mouse, and even clipboard across multiple computers. That is right, multiple, not just two!

Is it free? It does not seem like you can download it for free from their website anymore. They are charging at least $10 to download it. It was once free and I found that Synergy was still in my Software Manager on Linux Mint, though it was an older version that still worked fine. I am sure you can find Synergy for Windows or Mac from some websites that cache software versions.

I recommend downloading the QuickSynergy program as well. Synergy’s step up is not that straight forward while using QuickSynergy you can get a simple computer set up quickly. From the link in the sources, here is a cleaned up and better explained set of instructions:

  1. Client machine is the one that will be controlled by the host’s keyboard and mouse.
    • (Bravo) Run hostname and remember the one line result
  2. Host machine is the computer with the mouse and keyboard you want to share.
    • (Alpha) Run ifconfig and grab the inet addr:192.168.1.XX
  3. Download and install Synergy and QuickSynergy on host and client machine.
  4. Run QuickSynergy on host machine.
    1. Input the result from (Bravo) in the Share>directional box.
  5. Run QuickSynergy on client machine.
    1. Input the result from (Alpha) in the Use>Server hostname/IP address: box.
  6. Click the Execute button on the host and client machine.
  7. Test your set up by moving you mouse to the client machine!
  8. Notes:
    1. Do not run Synergy and QuickSynergy. Choose one or the other.
    2. If you want to have more than one computer to the left, right, top, or bottom, you will need to use Synergy.


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