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Synergy – sharing your keyboard, mouse, and clipboard across computers

Having two computers at your desk does not mean two keyboards and two mouses. The software called Synergy hosted over on their webite¬†can help you share your keyboard, mouse, and even clipboard across multiple computers. That is right, multiple, not … Continue reading

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Upgrading from Linux Petra to Qiana

If you followed my previous blog post of going from 15 to 16, well I am back with 16 to 17! https://manandkeyboard.wordpress.com/2014/04/09/upgrading-from-linux-mint-15-to-16/ This time I am following another great blog posted online: http://www.yourownlinux.com/2014/06/how-to-upgrade-to-linux-mint-17-qiana-from-linux-mint-16-petra.html Do your backup of files. The author … Continue reading

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Autistici email on smartphones

if you use an email account hosted on autistici.org, there are some extra steps that are easy Continue reading

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CyanogenMod Updates for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3

My T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 phone did not automatically receive an update in quite some time. I looked on the dt2mo Wiki page and found that dt2mo had merged with other Galaxy S3 streams into the dtIte stream. I checked … Continue reading

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Bitcoin ASIC Miner on Linux

Getting an ASCI Bitcoin Miner to run on Windows is straight forward but getting the correct drivers and terminal commands down to run it is actually more difficult than one would think. So, I would suggest sticking to Windows but … Continue reading

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Remove the soccer on the Soccer Team Template on Google Sites

Google Sites has some nice templates. If you are building a site for your sports team, then you probably selected the Soccer Team theme and were happy with the look and feel of the site. If you are not a … Continue reading

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Upgrading from Linux Mint 15 to 16

Using Linux Mint 15, I noticed that I was not notified when a newer version of Linux Mint was published. v15 was treating me well but I like to run the latest. A clean install is always an option but … Continue reading

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