Xposed Framework Modules

Rooting, CyanogenMod, Xposed Framework. Those are three things I always wanted on my phone. Well, I finally got the 3rd so I am happy. Here is a review on the modules.

XMultiWindow was the main draw. I wanted to be able to watch a view while going through Gmail. But this did not work for me. I could only open one app at a time in half the window. The other half would be black. Then! Whenever I opened the apps later, they would be in half screen mode until I killed them.

GravityBox [MM] allows configuration of the system. I feel like options of adding a Screenshot to the power menu is already available in CyanogenMod, but the ability to add Screen Record was also nice. This is a nice app to get since the amount of configurations is rather large.

RootCloak did not work for me. I wanted to be able to use Snapchat since Snapchat blocks rooted devices. I was disappointed as this was the driver for researching Xposed. Seems like Snapchat checks for Xposed now and then blocks!

XHangouts makes Hangouts better but I love Facebook Messenger more so I did not use this one too much.

Greenify from the Play Store has options for the Xposed Framework. I cannot use a phone without Greenify, so the more power I can give it, the better.


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