Beware of Phishing Emails at Work

Phishing emails and its advanced brother called spear phishing are dangerous for everyone. At work though, you do not want to be the person that compromises your business by introducing a hole in the security. Hackers only need one way in to wreck havoc.

A great way to prevent phishing emails is to move all emails from external sources into an “external” folder or give it a colorful category  in Microsoft Outlook. Obviously, this is great if you are only emailing people within your company, but at least categorizing your emails as external will remind you each time that this email may have untrusted links and attachments. A gentle reminder for security.

As described in the Source, you want to make a Rule that runs on all emails. In that rule, have it move all emails from specific people to your “external” folder. (or add a category tag). The specific people should be “”. If there are many sub-domains, then use “company” in the sender field.

This is not full-proof but it gives you an extra reminder to hopefully prevent havoc.


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