VirtuaWin tray flashing

The VirtuaWin tray icon will flash when a program becomes unresponsive and hangs.

In Windows 10, this happens frequently with all of the Windows 10 apps, like Mail & Calendar, Movies & TV, etc. While removing and uninstalling these apps is one solution, you can do a one time fix using VirtuaWin:

  1. Right click on VirtuaWin tray icon.
  2. Select Setup
  3. Go to the Modules tab
  4. Select WinList
  5. Select Configure
  6. Sort by the “S” column
  7. For all rows tagged with “H”
    1. Select the row
    2. Select Restore


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1 Response to VirtuaWin tray flashing

  1. Ooker says:

    This doesn’t work, nor disabling VM’s handle on this: [How to disable flashing VirtuaWin systray icon? Window is not responding](

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