Outlook All Day Events Across Time Zones

If you are an employee of a company that has offices in two different time zones, then Microsoft Outlook is so annoying when it comes to All Day Events.

Say a coworker one hour behind you is out of the office on Wednesday. You will see a calendar event for him spanning two days, even though you know he will just be out from 9-5 his time, not literally his midnight to midnight.

Well, does Microsoft know about this bug and plan to fix it? Yes and no.

Their workaround is comically bad. Just make Out of the Offices for the time you will not be in the office during your working hours.

  1. Nobody wants to do repeating occurrences for 9-5. People want to make one OOO event.
  2. If you share your OOO with others, now their daily calendars will be filled by you.

Come on Microsoft!


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