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Move Google Contacts to Nextcloud Contacts

The process is easy. Go to the Google Contacts website: https://contacts.google.com/ Expand “More” and select “Export”. Export all or some of your contacts, but select vCard format and save to your Desktop. Go to your Nextcloud website’s Contacts app: https://<your-nextcloud-website&gt;.com/index.php/apps/contacts. … Continue reading

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Results of the “Android without Google” Experiment

I am back to using Google Play Services (Google for short) on my CyanogenMod phone. You can read from my previous post how to use a phone without Google! I lasted a few weeks without Google on my Android but … Continue reading

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Google to Owncloud, Contacts and Calendar

When you have OwnCloud managing your files, you might also want it to start managing your contacts and calendar. When I set it up, I was not sure how well the syncing would be but it ended up being efficient … Continue reading

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