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Temporary fix for updating external HPFS/NTFS/exFAT hard drive’s permissions so Plex can access

When I plugged in my external hard drive that was on Windows to a Linux machine (Raspberry Pi 3), it was automatically mounted at /media/brian/Brian-HD, but the permissions were¬†drw- — — 1 brian brian. I needed Plex to be able … Continue reading

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Find weak file permissions on a shared drive

There are two reasons you want to find weak file permissions on a drive shared with other users: You want to protect your files from other users. You want to prank other users by modifying their files Find the files … Continue reading

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Owncloud complaining that “You don’t have permissions to upload files here”

There are few likely reasons for this to happen because I have actually seen this issue a few times in differ situations. It is frustrating because OwnCloud might have had the permissions previously or it has access to the files … Continue reading

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