OwnCloud 8.2 Security and Setup Warnings

On the Admin Page’s Security and Setup Warnings section, I got a new warning that needed investigation.

Transactional file locking is using the database as locking backend, for best performance it's advised to configure a memcache for locking. See the documentation ↗ for more information.

From the documentation, it seems that the OwnCloud team played with the cache to make OwnCloud faster. APCu is gone and in is Redis. There are two steps suggested that need to be done to get rid of the warning message and to get your OwnCloud server faster!

(1) Go to your Apps and the Disable File Locking.

file_locking_app(2) Follow the documentation linked to by OwnCloud for installing Redis. It is great and so simple to follow. Here are my only improvements to it:

  • Step 6
    • When setting the default locations, make sure your user has permissions or you have to use sudo on the rest of the steps.
  • Step 8
    • Change the given command to the following suggested command per www.antojose.com.
    • pecl install redis
    • sudo pecl install -Z redis




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