Marriott High Speed Internet

During my stay at Marriott, I learned a bit about their Wi-Fi.

These are the two tiers of speeds they have as tested on in February 2016:

  • High Speed Internet = ~1 Mbps
  • Enhanced High Speed Internet = ~10 Mbps

On the Enhanced High Speed Internet, only 3 devices are can be connected per this error:

3-device limit reached. To connect a new device, please disconnect one of your other connected devices.

To get another device onto the Internet, you could connect to the free High Speed Internet. But everyone wants the faster Internet.

Self-Service, per Front Desk Instructions

  1. On one of your existing 3 devices, forget the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.
  2. Reboot your device.
  3. Try to connect again.
  4. You are returned to the Internet connection choice page.

Assistance Required

  1. If the above steps did not work.
  2. Call the Front Desk  and tell them the situation. They will have Guest Tech for Marriott call your room in a few minutes.
  3. They will ask for one of the existing 3 device’s internal IP address to bounce from Enhanced High Speed Internet.
    1. Windows – run ipconfig in the command prompt
    2. Android – Look up Advanced Wi-Fi settings.
    3. The IP address is in the form 172.20.*.*
  4. They will bounce that device, allowing your new device to connect.

If you are lucky, Guest Tech will give you an Access Code and you can have four devices on the Enhanced High Speed Internet!

Change from High Speed Internet to Enhanced High Speed Internet

If you accidentally connected to the High Speed Internet before you realize you could connect to the Enhanced High Speed Internet, then you will need to try the Self-Service and Assistance Required steps above to reset the network you are connected to.


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