SmartRG network hard drive – SAMBA version too old

The SmartRG router (supplied by Sonic ISP) has the option of mounting a hard drive for access by all computers on the network via the SAMBA protocol. But the SmartRG router supplied has an old version of the SAMBA protocol, that Windows 10 will not use due to major security vulnerabilities with it. Getting a firmware upgrade for the router is not easy on their SmartRG website, but has a firmware upgrade that can be used. But again, an old SAMBA protocol is used, so Windows 10 will not connect to the networked hard drive.

Sharing the Hard Drive to just be denied

If you want to go ahead and still try to access the hard drive, follow these instructions with the following modifications/highlights:

  • SmartRG’s device configurations are located under: Advanced Setup > Storage Service > Storage Device Info
  • On the router, give the device a name in this menu
  • In Windows, you will be Mapping a Network Drive
  • This will be your address: \\\given-name
  • When prompted for a password, use the admin password for your router
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