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Plex Media Server Review

I am very impressed with the Plex Media server. It runs on all your operating systems but I have it running on Linux. It sets up the server and accessing the server through any of the Plex apps. It then … Continue reading

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Google Ad Words Review for increasing page views

Google Ad Words was an interesting experience. I had a $20 budget that I spread across multiple weeks. My blog has a specific audience so I had to buy views for specific terms like “OwnCloud”. There are many features like … Continue reading

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Picking a Linux Distro for a Server

An old laptop that is going to be running a home server is going to be limited on computing resources, so it is worth looking into running your server with as little overhead as possible. I was looking for the … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi OpenVPN Server

I heard about the Raspberry Pi VPN on the Security Now! Podcast, but I found it a few months later when looking how to set up a VPN on (you guessed it) a Raspberry Pi. The set up is almost … Continue reading

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Outlook All Day Events Across Time Zones

If you are an employee of a company that has offices in two different time zones, then Microsoft Outlook is so annoying when it comes to All Day Events. Say a coworker one hour behind you is out of the … Continue reading

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Xposed Framework Modules

Rooting, CyanogenMod, Xposed Framework. Those are three things I always wanted on my phone. Well, I finally got the 3rd so I am happy. Here is a review on the modules. XMultiWindow¬†was the main draw. I wanted to be able … Continue reading

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Recalibrate Android Battery

Symptoms When phone is turned on, my LG G3 would not charge beyond 30%. When phone was turned off, my LG G3 could charge to 100%. Phone would power off randomly at 10%. Treatment (rooted phone) I am rewriting the … Continue reading

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